PLEASE READ before you come out to ride!


Helmet, eye protection, shirt, and over the ankle leather boots required by every rider (regardless of vehicle type, this includes side-by-sides, ATV's and motorcycles).

Over the ankle leather boots can be motorcycle boots, hiking boots, work boots, etc.  Eye protection can be goggles, sun glasses, regular glasses, or safety glasses.  Full riding gear (chest protector, knee guards, elbow guards) strongly suggested and highly recommended! 

We have adult & kids riding gear for sale and rent. Complete Parts and Service Depts open every day!



Everyone knows the #1 reason riding areas get closed down - NOISE.  Please help our sport by keeping your machine reasonably quiet.  We allow all stock mufflers in good working condition.  Quiet performance mufflers are OK too. We have muffler packing available if you need it.  Don't be "that guy" with the super loud exhaust everyone else is staring at. We want you to enjoy Highland Park, but if you show up with a "BigMotherProCannon" 4-stroke muffler that has a hole in the back big enough for birds to nest in, it's going to be too loud and you won't be riding here.  If your 2-stroke silencer needs repacking, the packing costs about $10, tkae care of it at home or we can do it for you.  If you have any questions CALL US BEFORE YOU COME OUT TO RIDE. We check loud bikes/ATV's with a decibel meter - 96 db is the limit.


Passengers are allowed on bikes that have passenger footpegs attached to the frame.  ATV’s and SxS’s must be at least 250cc to have passengers.  All passengers must sit behind the driver, not in your lap.  We recommend full riding gear for drivers and passengers, but all riders must meet our minimum safety gear requirements – helmet, eye protection, and over the ankle leather boots. No babies or toddlers allowed as passengers   There is a $10 fee for passengers.  


We love kids and want them to enjoy Highland Park, however, minors are not allowed to ride without direct (eyes on) parental supervision. A parent/guardian must be on site with minors. Stay with your child when you are at Highland Park.  Minors found riding unsupervised will be escorted to the Lodge until a parent can be found. A parent or legal guardian must sign the release forms for any minor under 18 years old, and the parent/guardian must present a drivers license for proof of identity and age.    


SMOKING IS ALLOWED IN THE PARKING AREAS ONLY. It's bad enough finding cigarette butts on the ground in the parking area (who do you think picks them up?), but tossing a cigarette butt in the woods shows a total lack of good sense. We have had fires more than once from careless smokers.  Besides wiping out chunks of riding areas, forest fires can be deadly.  If you are seen smoking outside of the parking areas, you will be permanently banned from Highland Park.


Ride at your pace, but avoid excessive wheel spin. If you are stuck, don't just sit there spinning your tires - get off and reposition your vehicle. Chewed up trails quickly become eroded and must be closed until they can be repaired. ABSOLUTELY NO TRAIL BLAZING! Stay on designated trails. Do not 'cut' from one trail to another. ATV's and SxS's - do NOT wallow out drainage ditches, and NO donuts allowed anywhere in the Park.  


We have some gorgeous mountain streams at Highland Park, and they are all protected by the Environmental Protection Dept (EPD). Our trails have bridges at stream crossings, as required by the EPD. The EPD will occasionally have agents on site checking us out, and if you are seen riding in a mountain stream, you may be subject to a $10,000 fine and/or jail time. DON'T DO IT!

7. DO NOT LITTER - no tear off lenses

Please keep YOUR off road park clean and beautiful. We have provided lots of trash cans - use them! Leave nothing behind on the trails - no candy bar wrappers, no water bottles, nothing.  Do not stick a water bottle someplace on your bike or ATV, like around the handlebar area, without securing it with a bungee.  Unsecured water bottles typically don’t make it past the first mile or two.  Tear off goggle lenses not allowed - they are plastic, they are not biodegradable, and they become litter when you choose to throw them on the ground, just like a plastic bag or plastic Coke bottle. Glass containers allowed only in the parking areas, not out on the trails.


8. ATV & SxS RIDERS - NO DONUTS anywhere on the property

We have had such a huge problem with disrespectful and unthinking AT & SxS riders tearing up parking areas, access roads, and grassed areas that we had to implement an absolute rule - NO DONUTS ANYWHERE.  We apologise to the majority of ATV riders that are not dummies and not destructive. 


Ride at a comfortable pace, have a great time, and go home uninjured.  NEVER ride our one way trails backwards!  DO NOT stop and block a trail - get off to the side as far as possible if you have to stop. Do not stop over a hill or in a turn.  Show courtesy when passing slower riders. When being passed, move to the side so the other rider can safely pass. DO NOT RIDE IMPAIRED - Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol, here or anywhere else.

Failure to obey any of these rules will result in stern warnings and/or eviction from the property.