Highland Park has three full-size MX tracks and a PeeWee track. All of our tracks get updates and changes on a frequent basis, even the PeeWee track. The three full-size tracks have a beginner level, intermediate level and expert level for riders that are seasoned pros something fun and challenging. All four tracks have excellent areas for friends and family to park and watch.

MX1 is our Vet/Intermediate track, MX2 is our advanced/pro track, and MX3 is designed as a beginner to intermediate track, a good place to learn and develop MX skills. Tracks are open weather permitting, with MX1, MX3, and the PeeWee track open most every day. TMX2, our Advanced track, is open typically 4 - 6 times a month, fully prepped.

Highland Park hosts a handful of MX races every year, from beginner and vintage to amateur/pro AMA sanctioned events, such as the Best in Georgia and Southern All-Stars Series. Race dates can be found on our calendar.

Any of the tracks may be temporarily closed for maintenance and updates or a race date, but we try not to have more than one track closed, especially on weekends. However, we strongly suggest that you “Call before you Haul” if you are planning your trip around riding our MX tracks. You can also find new updates and up-to-the-minute track.