Riding Schools

Riding Schools at Highland Park!

Great for anyone that wants to learn to ride, or already knows how to ride, but wants to improve their skills. These courses are designed to help you master the skills needed for better and more confident riding, and that makes riding more fun! 

Private Riding Instruction 

The advantage to private instruction is how much you will learn and how fast you will learn in a short period of time with one-on-one instruction and experienced coaching. We know how to increase your skill and confidence, beginner to seasoned racer, and our instruction is done by very well experienced riders/racers that know how to explain and teach riding skills. We can teach a complete beginner how to ride, or we can help riders with the basics, concentrate on problem areas, get your speed up, or teach your wife, husband, and kids. 

Private Riding Instruction is available beginner to expert, usually 2 hours is best.  After 2 hours most people become fatigued both mentally and physically, and learning skills after the 2 hour point becomes much more difficult.  A 2 hour session is $225, and it will be the best $225 ever spent on motorcycling.  A second student can be added for just $60/hr. We discount the hourly rate to $40/hr for the third or fourth student to accommodate families or friends that would like to learn as a group.  There is a decreasing return on your instruction investment after 2 hours, but if you are in good shape and feel 3 or 4 hours is best for you, we can discuss that to see if in your individual case more hours will work well.    

Considering the amount of time and money you will likely spend riding/racing this year, some expert coaching will be just a drop in the bucket, but it will certainly be some of the very best time and money you can spend. Learning correct body position and proven riding skills will make your riding much more fun and you will have a lot more confidence. Our instructors stay pretty busy, so please call well in advance to schedule.  Traininig is typically done weekdays when the Parrk is not so busy with other riders.